How did this start?

What made me decide to make candles?


Way back in 2005, I asked my mother what she wanted for Mother's day. Her answer was simple: a vanilla candle. I'd known for years that my mother's favorite color was purple, but where do you find a purple vanilla candle? Well, in your own home, when you MAKE one! I had no idea what I was doing, beyond needing to use a double boiler.

What my mom got was over a pound of water filled, brown wax, made from old church candles, that didn't burn for longer than 30 seconds. Fortunately, my mom loved the thought, even if not the product. I wasn't deterred, and I continued trying new scents, new colors, new containers, new molds, and new waxes. Many were horrible, but some were pretty neat.


In January 2011, my mother was diagnosed with Lung Cancer. Sadly, she lost this battle on Easter of 2013. In honor of her, and the millions of Americans who battle this disease every day, 100% of proceeds from each White Vanilla Candle will be donated to the American Cancer Society to fight the monster that is Lung Cancer. This red candle was the last gift candle I made for my mother before she passed away.