We currently offer our scented candles in four styles: Melting Tarts, Shot Glasses, Cheese Shakers, and Sugar Shakers. These candles are made using palm wax, a plant-based wax, similar to soy–a huge fad in candles currently. The difference is, while soy and paraffin wax (the cheapest, most common candle) have a solid look and color, palm wax cools to a quartz-like, crystalized candle, almost sparkling.

We use braided cotton wicks for all of our candles, as these seem to cause the least amount of issues for our customers. Our dyes and scent oils are synthetic, to keep our prices down. All of our "raw materials" are purchased locally through Ohio-based companies.

For a list of scents we currently have available, check out our online store, or check out our Facebook page to see what we will have at each location we're at.

Melting Tarts are 2.5 ounces: scent-packed and ready for your melting pleasure.

Shot Glasses are one ounce appetizers of a candle. These candles have burn times of  approximately 4.5 hours. But, don't let these small candles fool you, they work just like any other.

Our signature candle, the Cheese Shaker, burns for around 35 hours, a mighty punch for a 4.5 ounce candle.

The largest candle we offer, currently, our 9.5 ounce Sugar Shakers burn for about 70 hours.

Our candles are available in 6 colors, however, we are happy to try to customize a color for your special event! We also offer special White Vanilla Candles.

We now offer Natural Candles! After years of requests, we are proud to offer candles without dyes, using essential oils for their scent. Because Essential Oils can be more temperamental than oils designed specifically for candle use, we have a limited number of scents available. But, we will be working on adding news ones as our experiments succeed.